Vice President, Teaching & Learning and Chief Academic Officer

Norma Schneider

Norma Schneider

Norma joined NorQuest College in 2004 as the Dean of Academics for Careers and Employment and transitioned to the Dean of Business and Community Studies in 2005. She became NorQuest’s Vice President of Teaching and Learning and Chief Academic Officer in 2011.

Norma is focused on developing strong relationships and partnerships to create meaningful learning opportunities for students. In her time at NorQuest, she has been successful in:

  • developing a comprehensive academic plan
  • leading the post-secondary readiness project focusing on the attainment of Campus Alberta Quality Standards for applied degrees, including program evaluation, the faculty role, and student judicial affairs
  • directing the development and implementation of high quality educational programs and services
  • promoting faculty development through the sponsorship of a faculty development plan
  • leading the development of the NorQuest Learning Experience outcomes
  • facilitating the development of college-wide learning outcomes

Norma is involved in many additional leadership and volunteer roles in the community including the eCampus Alberta Management Committee; the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development Committee; Alberta Mental Health Day Programs; the Edmonton Humane Society; Habitat for Humanity; and the Edmonton Coalition of Post-Secondary.

Norma graduated from University of Alberta with a Masters of Education in Adult Education and received a Post-Master’s Certificate in Business from Northcentral University.