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Health Care Aide


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23 weeks



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Total: $3,591.50

Total: $9,441.50

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  • minimum of English Language Arts 10-1 (or provincial equivalent), or successful completion of NorQuest academic assessment

Health Care Aide workplace education delivery applicants only:

  • all program admission requirements listed
  • must be currently employed as a front-line caregiver in a participating agency
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The Health Care Aide provincial curriculum is currently being updated, and as a result, we anticipate changes to the program beginning in Winter 2020. See the FAQ below. This page will be updated when more details are available.

All information regarding program requirements, course listing, and delivery schedule on our website refers to the current program, which will be offered in Fall 2019.


New Curriculum FAQ

  1. Why is the Health Care Aide curriculum being updated?

    The Health Care Aide curriculum must be updated to align with the new Alberta Health Care Aide Competency Profile, 2018 and to remain current with health care trends and standards.

  2.  What will the length of the program be under the new curriculum?

    The future Health Care Aide program will be 8 months (2 terms) in length if taken full-time.

  3. Will there be new program requirements?

    Yes. The future admission requirements will require a minimum of 60% in English Language Arts 20-2 (or equivalent), or successful completion of NorQuest academic assessment.

  4. When will the program changes take effect?

    We expect the new curriculum and new program requirements to go into effect for the Winter 2020 term.

  5. What are the impacts for current Health Care Aide students?

    Any student who began the Health Care Aide program prior to these changes must complete all requirements by June 30, 2020 to graduate under the older curriculum.


If you’re interested in receiving more information when the Health Care Aide program changes have received final approval, complete this form.

NorQuest College’s Health Care Aide program is among the largest in Canada and prepares you to be a part of a health-care team in a variety of different settings, providing a high level of front-line care to clients in need of assistance. NorQuest College is licensed to deliver the Health Care Aide Government of Alberta Provincial Curriculum.

Student Success

Students are more likely to be successful in this program if they:

  • are physically and emotionally able to manage workplace demands
  • have access to a vehicle to travel to complete their practicum
  • have access to a computer and basic computer skills

Applicants should review the job requirements listed below and assess your ability to fulfill the demands of the health care aide occupation.

As a health care aide, you must be able to:

  • work day, evening, and night shifts any day of the week
  • be on your feet for extended periods of time
  • bend, squat and lift up to 40 pounds to move clients who have minimal body strength
  • function effectively in stressful situations
  • perform all skills independently

This program is available at all regional campuses in an online delivery format.

Additional workplace deliveries are available. The Health Care Aide Workplace Education option is offered throughout Alberta in partnership with health-care employers. Consult your employer if you are interested in this program option.

Practicum/Work Experience

This program includes two practicums totalling 182 hours.


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