Act now: Let's show the world what inclusion can do

February 01, 2017

The events of the past weekend have left us in disbelief and deep sadness. We stand with our Muslim, refugee, and new immigrant colleagues and students, and will continue to offer our welcoming and safe college atmosphere to everyone.  

The devastating shooting in the Quebec Mosque and the United States' banning of certain Muslim majority countries goes against the very principles that NorQuest College is built on: inclusion and respect for all people. NorQuest College stands strong to these values. We live them every day in our classrooms, in our work environments, and in our college spaces and activities.
Our college is a beautiful example of what is possible for people of all backgrounds—Canadian born and new Canadians, regardless of faith or religion  - when we come together and learn from each other. Fifty-eight per cent of our students are born outside of Canada and come from 141 countries so we see every day how new immigrants and refugees enrich our college community. Diversity is our strength and now is the time for us to shine as ambassadors.
Though we regularly host a number of events focused on diversity and inclusion, such as Inclusion Fusion, a new committee has been set up at NorQuest College to discuss and facilitate additional opportunities for dialogue, knowledge, and understanding. You will hear more about these in the coming weeks. 
Support victims of Quebec Mosque
Donations are being accepted to help the families of the victims. If you would like to help, here are some resources:

Let us all continue to reinforce our values of inclusion and celebrate our diversity through our words and actions today, tomorrow, and always.  

Thank you.

Dr. Jodi L. Abbott, ICD.D
President & CEO
NorQuest College