Welcome to Heritage Tower!

April 20, 2017

NorQuest College is pleased to announce the existing main downtown building, often referred to as the South Learning Centre (SLC), has a new name: Heritage Tower! 

As we move closer to the opening of the Singhmar Centre for Learning (SCFL), the renaming will help to easily differentiate between both interconnected buildings. The acronym for Heritage Tower is HTA where the “A” refers to Building A.

The new, fully written name will be published in all our relevant online and updated print materials starting May 1.

Background on the renaming

Heritage Tower was chosen due to its relevance and meaning:  

  • Heritage recognizes our history and is a warm salute to the many cultures at the college.
  • Tower gives a good visual clue for students and stakeholders as to which building we are referring to.

We look forward to embracing both the past and the future with the new Singhmar Centre for Learning and the Heritage Tower at NorQuest. We know that great education, fond memories, and good work will continue in all our buildings.