It can be challenging to navigate a new country’s immigration rules. It is your responsibility to obey immigration regulations and maintain your immigration status while in Canada.

Note: NorQuest College cannot provide advice to you, or act on your behalf, on such immigration matters. Our website provides links to Citizenship and Immigration Canada where complete information, application forms, and instructions are available.

International students seeking information on immigrating to Canada can check the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

Student visas and study permits

Review the Admissions Process for more information on applying to NorQuest College as an international student.

Once admission requirements (both academic and non-academic) are met, an official Letter of Admission will be issued by NorQuest College. The official Letter of Admission is required to obtain a study permit or student visa for any programs longer than six months.

Note: It takes several months to process study visas, therefore, NorQuest College has application deadlines for applying to the following terms:

Term Start Application Deadline
Fall June 30, 2018
Winter October 15, 2018
Spring February 28, 2019

You will also need to use NorQuest College's Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number on your application. NorQuest's DLI number is O18795996622.

For details on obtaining student visas, contact the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your home country, or visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

Note: You do not need an international student visa or study permit for programs that are less than six months in length.

Student Partners Program India

We are proud to announce that NorQuest College is now a member of the Student Partners Program (SPP) India. The Student Partners Program will help to speed up the study permit process for students from India.

Agents and prospective students must review the SPP Checklist before applying to NorQuest College to ensure eligibility. Learn more about SPP India.

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NorQuest College's Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number is O18795996622.

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