Research & Innovation

NorQuest College transforms communities and organizations through customized, innovative, and practical training grounded in evidence-based applied research, important applied research projects, and innovation opportunities and partnerships. We build strong collaborative partnerships with clients and stakeholders, and provide workforce-relevant services and resources back to our partners, communities, and business and industry. We not only build on our traditional strengths and deep roots in diversity and inclusion, health, business, and foundational learning, we look to new opportunities in clean energy, the green economy, and new technologies.

As a key member of Edmonton's innovation ecosystem, we offer nimble, responsive, and flexible solutions to emerging markets and trends. We create new training programming that delivers the workforce you need, and the experts, spaces, and places to deliver it. We conduct groundbreaking applied research that informs and strengthens our communities and organizations. We help drive innovation, from skills development to spaces and partnerships. And, we'll help create positive and productive solutions to the societal and economic challenges we face, building a stronger, more resilient, and more successful province and country.

Alberta Indigenous Construction Career Centres

Alberta Indigenous Construction Career Centres (AICCC)

The Alberta Indigenous Construction Career Centres (AICCC) is a unique and incredibly successful service designed to connect prospective Indigenous workers with employers recruiting for construction related careers. It is a partnership with NorQuest College, Bow Valley College, the Government of Alberta, Indigenous communities, and industry organizations.

Colbourne Institute for Inclusive Leadership

Colbourne Institute for Inclusive Leadership

Internationally recognized as a leader in diversity and inclusion training and research, The Colbourne Institute for Inclusive Leadership provides consultation services, applied research, education resource development, and customized training solutions that encourage and support organizations in developing and sustaining inclusive cultures. Our work proves that diversity and inclusion are good for both business and society, and our goal is to enable organizations to achieve the benefits.

Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation Hospitality Institute

Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation Hospitality Institute

The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation Hospitality Institute answers the demand for skilled workers trained in world-class hospitality and customer service skills. The institute develops and delivers a comprehensive suite of hospitality-industry training programs in a broad range of disciplines needed for employment and career mobility. Each year, hundreds of students gain the skills and training needed for bright career futures with hospitality employers throughout the province.

The Hospitality Institute's programming is designed for individuals who would like to pursue careers in the thriving hospitality industry and for employers who want their employees equipped with world-class customer service skills.

Landmark Group Centre for Value Improvement

The Landmark Group Centre for Value Improvement is the cornerstone for the development and delivery of value improvement contract services, continuing education programming, credit programs, and applied research activity. It builds on the success of and coordinates NorQuest’s own internal value improvement projects.

The Centre enables the college to share research, ideas and knowledge to help other organizations benefit from our process improvement expertise. It integrates NorQuest’s successful work with Lean business practices in the print media industry, and broadens it to include industry sectors such as health care and manufacturing, as well as the public and service sectors.


Applied research at NorQuest College is focused on solutions for the needs of learners, communities, industries, and government. Research projects and products are focused on contributing positively to Canadian social and economic development goals. Our commitment to research is built on areas of expertise and innovation, on strong and growing partnerships. Visit our Research section for themes, current and past projects, and information for researchers.