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Interdisciplinary Simulation Centre

Interdisciplinary Simulation Centre

The NorQuest Interdisciplinary Simulation Centre (NISC) uses simulation to improve patient safety, quality of care, health care, and human services education.

Simulation education is a bridge between classroom learning and real-life experience. It places learners in a life-like environment where they can employ the skills they’ve been learning in class in real time, and provides the opportunity to critically reflect on their experience afterwards.

Simulation promotes skills acquisition, aids development of clinical judgment, and teaches students about complex situations with lifelike examples. It provides an invaluable safety net for learning, allowing students to acquire and develop critical-thinking and decision-making skills without exposing clients to unnecessary risk.

Our mission

The NorQuest Interdisciplinary Simulation Centre supports workforce readiness through the integration of applied critical thinking, competencies, and knowledge to prepare front-line professionals for Alberta and beyond.

Our vision

The NorQuest Interdisciplinary Simulation Centre and its partners remain at the leading edge of immersive education through a research-based, learner-centred environment.

Our values

Collaboration, inclusivity, innovation, professionalism, relevance

Contact Information

Singhmar Centre for Learning
Room 4-163, 10215 108 Street NW
Edmonton, AB  T5J 1L6





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NISC labs are a great way to integrate skills and learning while in a safe environment.