Lockdown Procedure

What to do when you hear:

“Emergency—emergency—emergency—initiate lockdown!”

  1. Upon notification, close, lock, and block doors
  2. Close window blinds, then stay away from windows
  3. Turn off the lights
  4. Turn cell phones/electronic devices to silent
  5. Stay quiet
  6. Do not open the door for anyone
  7. Remain in place until the door is opened by the police, then carefully listen to and follow instructions
  8. If the fire alarm goes off during lockdown, remain in place unless you see or smell smoke/fire
  9. Assist those with disabilities or special needs
  10. If approached by an active shooter or armed intruder, be prepared to Get out, Hide, or Fight!

When the lockdown is over, you will hear:

“Attention—lockdown has been terminated.
I repeat—lockdown has been terminated!”

Download Procedures

Printable Lockdown Procedure (289K pdf)