Admissions Process

You’ve made the decision – you’re bound for NorQuest College. To become a NorQuest College student, follow this admissions process, which will take you from your decision to your first day of class.


  • There are additional steps for students applying to foundational programs (Academic Upgrading, Apprenticeship Prep, Day Home Provider, ESL Intensive, and Transitions to Employment). See the Step 2 – Acknowledgment tab below for more information.
  • Open Studies is available to if you wish to take post-secondary level credit courses without applying to a specific certificate or diploma program.

Application Evaluation

The Admissions team will process your application once your transcripts are received. Processing is prioritized based on:

  • the term for which you applied
  • the date on which your transcripts were received

Our aim is to evaluate your application as quickly as we can. Timelines for processing vary, as we experience high application volumes.