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At NorQuest College, we offer students the opportunity to receive financial recognition for outstanding achievement, academic excellence, financial need, leadership, community service and contribution to campus life. Scholarships, bursaries and awards are available for students enrolled in a credit program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NorQuest College has contracted with Blackbaud Award Management, a third-party award management system, to enhance and streamline the award search and application process for all currently enrolled NorQuest College students. Students who complete the general application through the new NorQuest College award system will be automatically considered for several awards across campus based on qualifications such as academic merit, financial need, leadership, volunteer service or contributions to campus life. Additional selection criteria may be included.

Financial Aid Office

Room 1-204, Civic Employees Legacy Tower, Edmonton Campus


T4A slip for income tax

NorQuest College will produce a T4A slip for filing with your income tax return. Your T4A will include the student award funding that you have received in the past calendar year and it must include your Social Insurance Number (SIN).  Log in to your MyQuest account and update your SIN. View instructions.